Attaching documents to songs

The document types that can be opened inside of Setlist Helper are text lyrics, PDF files, and Image Files. When you open a document not supported by the app it will open it in a external viewer such as Polaris Office. The Android platform does not provide components for developers to integrate word document into their apps.


Attaching Documents

You can attach documents to songs in 1 of 3 ways:

1. Import your documents.


Go to the Songs tab. Select “import” from the menu. It will create the directory on your device called “SetlistHelper”. Put all your doc, docx, rtf, image, or pdf files in that directory. It will create songs in the “Songs” tab. The name of the song will be the document file name. If you want to import from an external SD card look at Browsing for documents and audio files on your external SD card.

2. Edit the song.

There is a new field called “Document”. Click the pencil button to browse for a document and select it.

3. Attach Document in the lyrics.

If you click on a song and there are no lyrics in it you will have a button that says “Attach Document”. If you do have lyrics there will be a menu item that says Attach Document. Choose either of these options.

Opening Attached Documents

1. Click on a Song 

When you have a document attached to a Song you can click on it in the Songs tab or the Setlist Songs list and it will open the document rather than going to the lyrics page.

2. Open from the lyrics page.

The default is to open the document when you click on it in the Song list. If you want to open the lyrics page you need to click on the down arrow in the list. Select “Lyrics” then it will take you to the lyrics screen.  When you are in the lyrics screen you can open the document from the Open Document menu item.


  • As of version 3.00 you can view PDF documents in the app. They no longer open in another editor such as Adobe Acrobat. If you would like to open them in another editor you need to go to the lyrics page containing the PDF file. Then choose “Open document”.

Opening documents that are not PDF files.

  • The documents are opened in another app such as Open Office. Therefore, once you open it you are leaving Setlist Helper. To go back to Setlist Helper use the back button on your device.
  • Because you are opening the document in another app there is no support for Auto-scroll. However, the Airturn pedal should work if you wanted to move the page up or down.
  • To keep your screen on you will have to go the Android Settings > Display and adjust the Screen timeout to 10 or 30 minutes.
  • The document location on the device is synced to However, the actual document is not uploaded to the server. In the future we will provide an option upload your documents.

Attach a YouTube video to lyrics

In version 2.13 of Setlist Helper and SongBook for Android the ability to attach YouTube videos was added. In addition, support for was added. This is significant because all the lyrics on contain a related YouTube video. The easiest way to attach a YouTube video is to search for lyrics with maxilyrics.

From the app home page click search. Choose the option as shown below.

maxilyrics search


After you find the lyrics you want click the add button. This button will only show up when it detects lyrics from maxilyrics.

maxilyrics search results


When the lyrics are attached it will get the YouTube URL also. You can play the YouTube video from the Lyrics Menu as shown below.

Play YouTube video



If you would like to edit the YouTube video URL you can navigate to the song on the Songs list. Click the down arrow and select Edit. You will see a field for YouTube URL as shown below.

Edit YouTube URL


IMPORTANT: In order for the YouTube URL to work it needs to use the “Embeded” Url just like it is shown in the picture above or{YOUTUBE_VIDEO_ID}


Once you Sync your songs with you can view the YouTube videos on the website. You can also edit the YouTube video URL when you edit the song on the website.

To play the YouTube video on the website navigate to your setlist on the “Setlist” or “Setlist Songs” page. Click the “Print” button. If your song has an attached YouTube URL you will see YouTube buttons as shown below.

YouTube on the Website


As always if this feature doesn’t meet your needs. Email us at

Changing the font settings

With version 2.11 of Setlist Helper and Songbook for Android you can change the font settings as described below.

NOTE: These font settings are sync’ed to the web. However, the settings are stored per device. This means that your phone and tablet will can have different settings. This is helpful if you need to uninstall and reinstall the app on the same device it will keep your settings. This does mean that you will need to customize your fonts for each device you own. Email us at if you would like this to change.

Changing the font settings

To change the font settings go to the lyrics of any song. Choose the Lyric Preferences from the menu shown below.

Lyric Preferences


After selecting the Lyric Preferences you will see the options as shown below.

Lyrics Preferences


When you make changes to any of the items it will immediately update the lyrics.

Currently you can update the following lyric parts:

  • Lyrics Font –  The font of the lyrics
  • Chord Font – The font of the chords
  • Section Header – The header font such as [Chorus] or [Verse]
  • Song Title Font –  The font of the song title
  • Comment – The font of the comments.  This is text in the {comment: } tag

You change the song part in the drop down as shown below.

Lyric Preferences Song Parts



Resetting the font

In the pictures above you will see a reset button. This will reset the fonts back to their original values. You get a warning before you reset just in case you didn’t want to do this.


Does this meet your needs?

Email us at if there is a font preference that you feel is missing.

Making Song information visible in the Song Catalog or Setlist

If you own either of the paid for versions of Setlist Helper and SongBook for Android you can make any of the Song Information visible in the Song Catalog or Setlist-Songs.

1. On the home screen select the “Preferences”.

Setlist Helper Preferences


2. In the “Preferences” select any of the items you want visible.

Setlist Helper Preferences Screen


These options are only available if you buy Setlist Helper and Song Book from the “Buy” screen. If you have the free version only the Song Name and Artist Name will be visible.

Sorting your songs


Songs can be sorted using any of the fields found in song edit screen. Therefore, you can sort by Song Name, Artist, Genre, Notes, Song Length, Tempo, Key, or  Other.

1. To sort select the Sort menu item.

sort song menu


2. The sort screen will appear. Select one of the song attributes and the Song Catalog will sort ascending by the selected attribute.

sort song items


The sort will be stored and used in the future until you select another sort option. Also, the sort will be used when you go to the Setlist > Setlist-Songs > Add > Song Catalog to add songs to your setlist from the Song Catalog.

Hands free page turners for Setlist Helper for Android

Setlist Helper and Song Book supports the Airturn bluetooth pedal.

In the main menu of the app select “Preferences”

Under the Bluetooth Pedal settings tap one of the pedal options to adjust the bluetooth settings. Select one of the actions listed below.

If you are using the 2 pedal version of the Airturn pedal select use Pedal 1 and Pedal 3.

Setlist Helper for Android provides you several ways to use this pedal.

  1. Scroll Lyrics Up
  2. Scroll Lyrics Down.
  3. Next Lyrics
  4. Previous Lyrics
  5. Start Auto Scroll
  6. Go to next section
  7. Go to previous section

The Airturn pedal sends blue tooth keyboard messages to the app. Here are the messages the app supports:

Pedal 1 = up arrow
Pedal 2 = back or left arrow
Pedal 3 = down arrow
Pedal 4 = Forward or right arrow

For more information on the Airturn pedal visit

If you are interested in purchasing any products from Airturn Please support Setlist Helper by clicking any of the Airturn links on this site. Setlist Helper will get credit for your purchase.



Search for Lyrics

In the Setlist Helper and Song Book app you can search for lyrics and add them to an existing song or a new song.

Adding lyrics to a new song

On the main screen click the “Search Lyrics” button pictured below.


The next screen requires you to type the Song you would like to find lyrics for. Click the “Search” button below the song name you type. The magnifying glass button will clear your search text and allow you to search again.

Chordie Elyrics Search


After you press the search button you will see the following screen. It will show you the results of the search. Setlist Helper will monitor the page while it is loading. The search results page won’t have lyrics so you will see “No lyrics found on this page” in the footer. If you don’t see the lyrics that you want you can search again with by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right of the screen.

Lyrics search results

Click on the link of the song you would like to have lyrics for in the search results. This will navigate you to the lyrics of the song as shown below. You will see the “Loading…” text on the footer until the page finishes loading. This may take several seconds to finish. Once it is finished you will see a “Add” button. This will grab the lyrics and put them into your song book. Setlist Helper will populate the song name and artist name.

Lyrics result


Add lyrics to an existing song

Navigate to an existing song that is in the Song Catalog or in a Setlist. You can click the button at the right of the song to navigate to the lyrics as seen below.

Song Catalog Lyrics

If you navigate to the lyrics screen but the song doesn’t contain lyrics it will provide you the option to search lyrics or edit them manually. Click the search button and it will search for the song based on the existing song name.

Song does not contain lyrics


After you see the search results follow the steps outlined above for adding a new song.


The lyrics that you search for are the property of the owner of the lyrics. Setlist Helper won’t use these lyrics in any way other than to manage them for you. is the current search engine and the credit for the search results belongs to them.

More search providers will be added in the future. If you would like to request a search provider email us at


Duplicate setlists

Duplicating setlists will create new setlist that will create an exact copy of the selected setlist.

This is useful if you would like to use the same setlist as the previous gig but make minor modifications.

It will prevent you from creating a new setlist from scratch.

In log in to the site.

Go to the “Setlist” tab.

Click this Duplicate… button as seen below.

Duplicate Setlist button

Register in the Setlist Helper Android app

The registration page in the Setlist Helper Android app will create an account at In the Setlist Helper app there is a “Sync” feature. After you are registered you can sync with the website. This will allow you to view and edit your songs and setlists at the website. In addition, any changes that you make on the web site will be available on the app.

You can also register at

To register on the Android app follow these steps:

  1. On the home page click the “Log in”. 
  2. Click the “Register” button on the “Sign in” screen if you don’t have an account at
  3. Fill out all the information on the “Setlist Helper Register” screen and click the “Register” button.


After you are registered the app will sync with and you can view your songs and setlists there.


Getting Started with the Setlist Helper android app

To get started with the Setlist Helper Android app follow these steps.

1. Remove the Sample Setlist and Sample Songs (Optional but recommended)

The Sample Setlist and Songs are there to show you what the app can do. There are 2 areas you will need to remove items from:

  1. Setlist – Touch the sample setlist. A menu will appear then touch the “Remove” menu item. 
  2. Songs – There are 4 sample songs. Touch each sample song and select “Remove”.

2. Create an account at (optional but recommended)

You can create your account at


Register in the Android app

3. Add your songs. 

There are 3 ways to add your songs. Click on any of the links below for more information

  1. Add them at
  2. Search for lyrics
  3. Add songs Manually.
  4. Use the “Import” menu option.

Optional – Add Lyrics. This will be discussed more below.

4. Create a setlist.

  • To add a setlist click the “Setlists” button on the home page.
  • Touch the plus button. This will bring up the Setlist add page.

The Setlist name is the only thing required on the Setlist add page. However, It is good to add the gig date and gig time for future reference. 


5. Add songs and breaks to your setlist.

There are 2 types of items you can add to the setlist.

  1. Songs – You can add all the details of the song or just the song name. 
  2. Breaks – These are breaks that you may take or time that you will talk to your audience.

6. Add lyrics to Songs

Add lyrics to a song by touching on the song. A menu will appear. Select the “Lyrics” menu button.

This will take you to the lyrics screen. There you can type your lyrics.

You can also add lyrics at This is much easier to do on your desktop computer.

Setlist Helper supports Chord Pro format. More information can be found  about chord pro format by clicking the following link

A great place to get lyrics in Chord Pro format is

9. Sync your songs and setlists

On the home page there is a “Sync” button. Click this and all your songs and setlists can be seen on Also, any edits from the web site will be brought to the app.


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